GBA Ships go with Adonis

Anping, Taiwan :: Visitors waiting to come onboard Logos Hope on GBA Ships busiest day, welcoming 28,931 in one day.

Anping, Taiwan :: Visitors waiting to come onboard Logos Hope on GBA Ships busiest day, welcoming 28,931 in one day. Beth Hutchison

GBA Ships, an international Christian non-profit charity organization based in Germany, has selected Adonis Personnel Manager to manage onboard and offshore HR operations for their flagship vessel, the MV Logos Hope. 

The integrated HR solution from Adonis help running diversified and complex processes for the 350 person multinational staff onboard the ship, facilitate training and development, and ensure compliance with international maritime regulations.​ The mission of the MV Logos Hope is to bring knowledge, help and hope to the people living in the ports the ships visits worldwide, taking part in humanitarian aid projects run in the port cities. With a staff from over 60 countries, a high rate of turnover (most serve for one or two years), and the need to sync onboard and on shore operations, GBA Ships was searching for a solution that centralized administration and data management and could be customized to more efficiently manage their daily processes.

“After comparing various packages, Adonis stood out as user friendly, easy to learn, fully functional, highly flexible and more than capable of synchronizing the MV Logos Hope with our shore-based operations,” said  Gerard Renger, GBA Ships HRS Managing Director. “As a non-profit charity, we are very grateful for their partnership and support, and highly recommend Adonis to any maritime organization, profit or non-profit.”

«...knowledge, help and hope»
In close partnership with Adonis, GBA was able to implement a customized HR solution that manages the embarkation and disembarkation processes of all the crew, staff and guests staying on board, supports immigration and customs clearances on arrival and departure, and enables integrated management of training and crew station bill. The system also tracks participation of all crew and staff in the onboard training program as well as on shore-based projects. The medical clinic serving the onboard community uses Adonis to manage vaccinations and patient records.
“We’re proud that GBA Ships selected Adonis to manage the complex staffing, training and regulatory processes that allow them to more efficiently carry out their humanitarian mission.  We’ve enjoyed working with their skilled and committed team and playing a role in supporting GBA’s admirable work”, said Adonis' Director Of Sales, Per Ove Kviteberg.

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