Adonis Human Resource Suite


Though Adonis Personnel Manager was designed to fit large global organizations it works just as well on "the small shop on the corner", offering solutions for large and small players engaged in the maritime business.  An "off-the-shelf product", yet with substantial, built-in capacities that can be customized and adapted to the numerous areas and the most complex structures within the industry.

Originally, the system was developed for maritime companies and operations, but it can be scaled down to handle shore-based staff and "travelling squads". With Adonis Human Resource Suite, it is finally possible to achieve the old dream: Manage your entire workforce in one central, core database, with seamless access from any office, department, agent and ship.​

«With built-in experience...»

Adonis Personnel Manager has been developed over many years and in close cooperation with some of the market’s leading companies that are major pillar of the maritime industry.  These are some of the features delivered with Adonis Personnel Manager:

  • Microsoft Office look and feel.
  • Report Generator.
  • Analytical Module with Pivot tables and graphics.
  • SMS sending.
  • E-mail sending.
  • Notification Service.
  • Replicator supporting situations with low bandwidth or no internet connection.

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