Efficient Crew Planning

Man walking on shipyard with notes

Adonis graphical Crew Planning is by many considered the best rotation and scheduling tool on the market. Through a combination of intelligent graphical interfaces, drag-and-drop scheduling, batch processing and easy-to-follow processes, Adonis has made the task more efficient while adding better controls and rigor to the process.

The system supports the various stages of Rotation management and shift planning such as: original planning and manning, daily changes and maintenance. It can be used for crew in permanent rosters as well as for ad hoc planning without fixed time slots.

"Drag and drop" planning tools...

  • Various Rotation Models/Shift types covered.
  • Graphical interface with "drag and drop", user-defined color-settings.
  • “Endless” scrollable calendar with seamless zoom in/out on gantt charts.
  • View person plans graphically along with roster during planning process.
  • Ability to schedule by vessel and/or by project.
  • Competence requirements control for each position and project, displayed graphically.
  • Color-based notification of missing or outdated qualifications.
  • Possibility for extended requirements of qualifications during certain project phases.
  • Add or remove positions and shifts at any time.
  • Manage ad hoc and permanent promotions.
  • Enable workflow-based flow of data from planning to confirmation stage.
  • Powerful handling by groups for roster deviations.
  • Report-generator for user-defined reports.
  • Export any report to html, PDF or Excel format.